Custom Made Jewelry Process

Drafted Design Of Pendant

Schedule a consultation or E-mail your desired idea, logo, drawing or design. Our GM & Co jewelry Graphics designer will draft out your image with dimensions and estimated ctw. We will work to draft your image to your desired satisfaction.


Detailed Specifications Of Piece

Once your design is approved, you will receive a rendered file of your jewelry piece with detailed dimensions and ctw.  There will be several angles for you to view your jewelry masterpiece. 


Wax Design & Mold

Your design is now ready to be sent off to a 3D printer or handcrafted into a wax mold. This is a perfect opportunity to inspect for imperfections and discrepancies. 

 Polish, Casting & Prong Setting

 Your piece is now ready to get sent off to our caster where your mold will transition into the precious metal of your choice. Your piece is then inspected for additional imperfections before handed off to the jeweler to get cleaned, buffed, and polished. 

Diamond Setting

 Your pendant is then sent off to our diamond team where our team hand select the diamond quality of choice. Our diamond setter will polish each prong and set each individual stone by hand. 




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